Natural Remedies and Tips for Back Pain

Back Pain can make you feel uneasy, and disturb your routine activities. It is often ignored until it aggravates and becomes unbearable. Even if you are under medication prescribed by a doctor, you must cater to proper body mechanics to deal with the pain effectively. Mentioned below are some natural remedies and tips for back pain, which can help to provide relief from back pain, and prevent aggravation.

Useful Remedies and Tips For Back Pain

Use Ice Packs: Take some ice cubes in a plastic bag, and seal it. Place a thin towel on your back, and place the ice bag on it. Applying this ice pack to the painful area will relieve the pain and discomfort.
Take a Hot Bath: Heat may help to increase the elasticity of muscles to some extent. So, soak yourself in a hot water tub. It increases blood circulation and helps you to relax, as well as relieves stress and mental tensions.
Massage: A soothing back massage is the best way to get relief from a backache and to feel relaxed. Make sure you visit a professional masseur/masseuse, as wrong massage techniques may lead to an increase in the back pain and additional body aches.
Relax: Back pain, many a time, is caused due to mental stress and tensions like workload, exams, business problems, family issues, etc. Learn and practice relaxation techniques like
meditation and deep-breathing exercises.
Avoid Bed Rest: Bed rest is recommended in case of most of the health problems. But, in case of a backache, doctors highly oppose it, and rather suggest to get up and move around as much as possible. Lying down for an extended period not only fails to give relief but also worsens the pain. Whenever you rest during this pain, the best way is to lie down flat on your back with two pillows underneath your knees. While getting up, rise slowly and gently by turning on one of your sides. Many individuals experiencing back pain, tend to sleep on their stomach. However, in this position, the neck needs to be twisted on either side in order to facilitate breathing, which can lead to neck pain.
Exercise: Doctors strongly emphasize on exercising to relieve the strained muscles. Medicines alone cannot cure this problem unless supported with a proper exercise routine. Hence, it is recommended that the patient should indulge in physical activities like swimming, walking, etc. Muscles of the abdomen and back are strengthened and toned in the right way by swimming. It is known to be the best aerobic exercise for a backache. Walking is the next best exercise for back pain.
Lift and Carry Objects in the Right Way: When you pick up and carry heavy objects, hold them close to your body. If you want to take down an object from the shelf, stand beneath it, and rest the object on your head. This will put less burden on your back muscles because your erect spine will carry the weight. Always remember to bend your knees when you pick up an object from the floor. Bending the knees ensures that the actual work of lifting the weight is done by your legs with the help of the thigh muscles. The muscles of your buttocks and legs are better equipped to bear weight than those of your back. So, bend your knees instead of waste, keeping the back straight, while picking up anything. While coming back to the standing position, push your upper body upwards using the leg muscles. Remember not to bend in the waist.
Use a Cushion: Proper support for the lower back is very important. Most of the car seats and chairs are not designed to support your lower back. If your car seat does not provide adjustable lumbar support, you can use a small cushion to support the lower back. Also, you can use your shawl or sweater, in case you are not carrying the cushion, to avoid lower back pain.
Use a Good Mattress: A soft, uneven and sagging mattress may lead to back problems, or increase the existing pain. You should opt for a medium-firm mattress. This will provide comfort along with firmness, and let your shoulders and hips sink in slightly.
Sleep Sufficiently: Getting sufficient sleep at night is also important when your back muscles are strained. But remember to lie on your back in the perfect posture, and on the right mattress as mentioned above.
Maintain Body Weight: If your weight is not in proportion to your height, your back pain can aggravate. A managed body weight is one of the important factors for keeping backache at bay. Hence, do not overeat, and keep away from unhealthy food to avoid gaining extra kilos.
Stay Alert: Performing any of your routine activities carelessly is one of the major causes. Be careful when you walk, sleep, wake up, twist, turn, sit, bend, get up, etc. It is best to avoid activities that have led to a backache in the past. Follow the basic rules of sitting up straight, and leaning back at an angle of about 110 degrees. If your profession involves sitting for long hours, you must get up and walk around during breaks, to lessen the stiffness in your back. It is always advisable to refrain from neglecting back pain and to consult the appropriate expert to know the exact cause, severity, and the underlying health issues (if any).

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