Facts About Left Arm Weakness

Sure actions can result in left arm weakness, which finally if left untreated will end in extreme arm ache and weak spot. So it will be important when affected by left arm ache or weak spot, one takes efficient house care measures to forestall additional aggravation of the situation.

Left Arm Weakness

Listed below are some frequent causes associated with this situation.

Causes of Left Arm Weakness

Listed under are the causes of left arm weakness which may result in left arm ache and weak spot.

  • Repetitive left-hand wrist motion can result in intersection syndrome which causes arm ache.
  • A situation of tendinitis in left arm, which is the irritation of a tendon can lead to arm ache.
  • Irritation of the small sacs close to the arm joint or bursitis can even trigger delicate or extreme arm ache.
  • A damaged left arm or left-hand wrist could cause extreme arm ache and weak spot.
  • Pressure accidents within the left arm may be one other causative issue of arm weak spot and ache.
  • Brachial plexus harm leads to arm ache and weak spot when a gaggle of nerves gets stretched or torn.
  • Spraining of the left arm could cause arm ache and weak spot.
  • One other situation which ends up in the weak spot of an arm is thoracic outlet syndrome, which happens largely because of bodily trauma.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome can even trigger left hand and forearm weak spot.
  • Stretching your head and neck away out of your shoulder whereas taking part in a sport can provide an individual a sensation of electrical shock, which causes a sense of weak spot working down the arm.
  • An infection of the arm can even trigger weak spot.
  • Lack of muscle in the arm area or another muscular dysfunction can result in the weak spot of an arm.
  • Situation affecting the nerve fibers known as postherpetic neuralgia could cause arm ache and numbness.
  • Feeling of stress in chest accompanied by left arm ache is an indication of coronary heart assault.


The therapy for arm weak spot depends upon the trigger. Most circumstances may be handled at the house and one can discover reduction from arm ache inside an interval of 1 week. However medical assistance is required within the talked about under circumstances.

Dwelling Care

  • Attempt to relaxation the arm as a lot as potential and sit in a posture the place your arm is relaxed and never strained.
  • To cut back the arm ache and weak spot, take few days off from faculty or work. So, that the arm can get sufficient relaxation and time to heal.
  • Prohibit the motion of your arm.
  • To appease ache and swelling, press ice compress 2 – three occasions in a day on the affected arm space.
  • Preserve the arm elevated to scale back the quantity of arm swelling. Help the arm with few pillows that it’s supported and stored at an elevated degree.

When to Search Medical Care
Schedule an ‘appointment’ with the physician if:

  • The left arm ache does not get higher inside an interval of 1 week after following house care suggestions.
  • If signs of swelling, ache, and redness worse.
  • When you’ve got a brachial plexus harm which doesn’t heal inside a month.

See the physician ‘instantly’ if:

  • You expertise extreme swelling or ache in your arm.
  • When you’ve got hassle shifting your arm.
  • When you’ve got had a sudden harm to your arm with a snap or cracking noise.

Search ’emergency medical assist’:

  • In case you discover left arm numbness or again or shoulder ache which happens immediately and is accompanied by a sense of stress in your chest.
  • When you’ve got a deformity like a protruding bone in your arm or wrist space.
  • In case you discover any massive bleeding harm.

Folks largely develop left arm weak spot when the arm is severely sprained or strained throughout a bodily exercise. In such circumstances, one can get a reduction by following house care measures of resting the arm and utilizing compress to scale a backache. Nonetheless, remember the above particular circumstances which want speedy medical consideration.

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