Essential steps to Left Arm Pain

Here are some Essential steps to Left Arm Pain. Pain in the left arm is one of the most common types of pain encountered by people of all ages. Often, it happens that this pain is linked to or thought of as an early sign of a heart attack. Although it is one of the possible causes, there are other factors which may lead to this painful condition. The pain can be for a short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic, lasting for months).

Left Arm Pain


  • Arthritis: Characterized by weakened bones and muscles, arthritis could further contribute to pain in the left arm of an individual.
  • Muscle Cramp: Another common cause is muscle cramps or spasm in the left arm area. Fibromyalgia is also one of the probable causes of this kind of pain.
  • Frozen Shoulder: As it is, frozen shoulder is a troublesome problem, and it can further lead to serious lower as well as upper left arm pain.
  • Injury: In many people, a serious injury or fracture to the left arm can lead to inner left arm pain.
  • Awkward Sleeping Posture: Sometimes, a bad sleeping position can put pressure on your arm, leading to painful sensation in the arm.
  • Panic Attack: Panic attack caused by too much stress can also lead to pain in the left arm since the person may feel like he is having a heart attack.

Cardiovascular Diseases 

In many people, cardiovascular diseases are figured out to be an important.  Some of the cardiovascular problems causing this pain are as follows:

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  • Heart Attack: Heart attack, or in general, mild or serious sort of heart pain can result in left arm pain. However, the condition needs to be diagnosed under expert supervision.
  • Blood Circulation: Continuous and sufficient blood supply is necessary for proper functioning of the body. Sometimes, an inadequate blood supply can also stimulate pain in the left arm.

Other Causes

Apart from the aforementioned causes, there are many other potential causes that can trigger this pain in women as well as men. Some of them are nerve damage, cervical spondylosis, and exertion of undue pressure on the left arm. In many cases, allergies towards medications and adverse reactions to consuming them may also lead to the painful left arm.


There are many treatment measures for this condition; however, they all depend upon the underlying cause. The doctors will first diagnose the condition, and then prescribe appropriate medications to relieve the pain. In mild cases, painkillers are given. However, if the pain is not relieved, then the patient might be prescribed advanced medications, or if possible, might be hospitalized for some time. If your arm, shoulder, or back starts paining all of a sudden or is severely painful, accompanied by a feeling of pressure or squeezing in the chest, then it may be the sign of a heart attack, which is a medical emergency. Not all cases of pain in left arm are related to a heart problem. Therefore, this condition can actually be prevented by adhering to a balanced diet and regular exercises that strengthen the arms.

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