Causes of Severe Hip Pain at Night

There are numerous people who experience hip pain at night as they are asleep. This may include a sharp sensation of pain on either side of the hip, accompanied by sweating and discomfort. There are several reasons that are Causes of Severe Hip Pain at Night, which make it challenging to trace the root cause of the pain. For some, it may be the side effects of a hip surgery, whereas for others it may be the sign of a chronic bone disease. For some, the hip pain may be the result of working in improper postures or due to some heavy exercises.

Hip pain because of aforementioned causes subsides with time. However, in acute cases, a doctor needs to be consulted at the earliest.

Muscle Strain

If you experience hip pain frequently at night on days when you have hit the gym, then check out your workout regime. It is possible that you are stretching yourself more than your body can endure, which could be straining the muscles around the pelvic and hip area. Groin pulls, hamstrings, exertion, and muscle pulls can be some of the Causes of Severe Hip Pain at Night. Osteonecrosis is a condition that is characterized by sharp pain in the area near the hip joint. This occurs due to an ebb in the blood flow to the cells of the bones that eventually die, making the bone weaker. Elderly people are more prone to this condition due to weakness in the bone structure as they grow old whereas some of the reasons may also cause Hip Bursitis Basically, there are two types of hip bursitis and both result in inflammation around the hip area causing stiffness and pain.

It causes a sensation of tenderness in the area, leading to a disrupted sleep. The person finds it difficult to sleep on the side of the origin of the pain. Arthritis Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are supposed to be the most frequent causes of hip pain, especially among older people. Arthritis is a chronic bone disease that degrades the strength of bones and causes pain. It is more common in women.

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Treatment for Hip Pain

The treatment begins with going for a complete medical checkup. As mentioned earlier, there are many Causes of Severe Hip Pain at Night and contributing factors associated with painful hips. Ensure that you diagnose the exact cause, in order to begin an appropriate line of treatment. After consulting your doctor, you can also source help of chiropractors and physical therapists. Depending on your age, exercise routines, eating habits, and lifestyle, physical therapists will assist you with a schedule that complements your needs guides you in retaining bone health. In case the hip pain persists for a long time, do not delay visiting the doctor. Pain in the hips must not be ignored for a long duration, and you should ensure that your pelvic area is in a healthy state as it acts as a major support system for the body. Following a healthy lifestyle and including calcium supplements in diets are helpful for bone strengthening, so ensure that you take these on regular basis.

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