Using the Quebec Task Force Classification system to Categorize patients with occupational low back pain

Quebec Task Force Classification (QTFC) and pain routine classification (PPC) processes, such as centralization and non-centralization, are typical classification processes. The classification was performed to gauge the validity of information acquired with QTFC and PPC processes for identifying patient subgroups at ingestion and to be used in forecasting rehabilitation outcomes at release and work status at 1 year following discharge from rehab.

Patients (n=171, 54 percent male; mean age=37 decades, SD=10, range=18-62) with severe work-related lower back pain known as physical therapy were examined.

Patients finished melancholy and psychosocial questionnaires at first examination and release and painkillers during the intervention. Physical therapists categorized patients utilizing QTFC and PPC information at intake. Patients have categorized again at release by PPC (time-dependent PPC).

Quebec Task Force Classification


Analysis of variance of revealed QTFC and PPC information can be used to distinguish patients by pain intensity or handicap in the intake. Analysis of covariance revealed that ingestion PPC predicted pain intensity and disability at release, but QTFC didn’t. Logistic regression revealed that PPC predicted function status at 1 year, but QTFC didn’t. Classifying patients over the years utilizing time-dependent PPC data decreased the false positive rate by 31 percent and increased the percent of the shift in a pretest-posttest likelihood of the return to work by 16 percent compared with classifying patients in the intake.

Discussion and conclusion of the Quebec Task Force Classification:

Results support the discriminant validity of their QTFC information at intake and predictive validity of the PPC information at intake. Tracking PPC over the years raises predictive validity for 1-year function standing.

Original author’sWerneke MW1Hart DL.

  1. Rehabilitation Department, Spine Center, CentraState Medical Center, 901 W Main St, Freehold, NJ 07728, USA.

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