How To Get Rid Of Burning Sensation in Legs

Pain may sometimes be accompanied by a burning sensation which could influence your everyday life. It might keep you from performing easy daily tasks effortlessly. Therefore, one should comprehend the reason for the feeling and should consequently make it treated.

Burning Sensation in Legs

We can split all of the causes in following classes:

Nerve damage may be a consequence of several health ailments and ailments. Because of nerve damage, the mind doesn’t receive appropriate signs. Hence you might feel tingling and burning feeling in that portion of the body with no injuries and wounds. Following are a few of the ailments and conditions that might lead to nerve damage.

It’s defined as the pain caused because of the irritation of the sciatic nerve. The feeling is usually felt from the spine, pushing towards the knee and knee.

▶ Diabetes: Persistent diabetes increases your odds of burning feeling. The main reason is that diabetes affects your nerves over a longer time period. The affected nerve contributes to numbness and pain in limbs and other areas of the human body.

Additionally, it alters the procedure for energy production and metabolism within the body. If nerves providing vitamins into the legs become influenced, it might cause a burning or tingling sensation during pregnancy because the body normally suffers from insufficiency of nourishment.

    • heavy metal poisoning
    • Kidney disorders
    • Alcohol misuse
    • Side effects of medication

There might be a lot of reasons behind improper blood circulation. Formation of a blood clot at some of these blood vessels existing deep within the leg can contribute to a burning feeling. Such a problem is referred to as deep vein thrombosis. The distress increases if you walk, lift weights, climb stairs, etc.. Peripheral artery disease (PAD) can also lead to restricted blood circulation.

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Others Causes

There are a number of different factors too which might be liable for the tingling or burning sensation in joints. A number of them are more than exercise, nerve-wracking, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, nerve injury, pressure, varicose veins and bone fracture, etc.. Some diseases like athlete’s foot that’s caused because of a fungus may also bring about such feeling in legs.


  • Take sleep and rest well. This aids the body’s natural process of healing and rebuilding the standard state.
  • If diabetes is the underlying variable, bring the blood glucose level in check.
  • Place a cushion under the leg. Keep it in an elevated posture as you rest or sleep.
  • Employ warm olive or mustard oil over the affected leg. Massage gently in a circular movement. To get faster results, take action.
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and other poisonous substances.
  • Take assistance of specific yoga poses which are especially supposed to relieve leg discomfort.
  • You can easily get vitamin B12 capsules or shots that could allow you to fulfill your body’s need.
  • Spray the leg using an ice bag for approximately 10 minutes. Can it 3-4 times per day until you get relief?
  • Require a cotton towel and then heat it up. Wrap it around your leg and then leave it around for around 15 minutes. Do it twice daily.
  • Take non-prescription painkillers to find immediate relief from the burning feeling in your legs.

The aforementioned suggested home remedies are highly advised. Many patients complete relief from taking adequate rest and adhering to the specified home treatment steps. But, there are quite a few instances where these home remedies failed to alleviate the distress and burning feeling. Should you just happen to be among such unlucky scenario, or have grown swelling and blue or reddish color in your leg, then you need to go to a physician as soon as possible. Timely medical help will revive the healthful condition of your thighs.

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