Burning Lower Back Pain

Burning lower back pain could be called a kind of back pain that is largely felt in the region which lies beneath the ribs up and up to the peak of the thighs on the back side. The lower trunk of the body has an intricate structure. It includes backbones (or ligaments), ligaments, tendons, nerves which are exiting the spinal cord, intervertebral discs that offer a cushion to the sections of spinal bones, and assorted soft tissues.

The structural difficulty, inflammation, harm or harm to some of them can cause a sharp spine pain. Burning lower back pain frequently extends up into the buttocks and occasionally can be felt in the foot and legs also. This illness can affect people equally, and individuals in the age category of 30 to 50 years are in a greater chance of having it.

Reasons Of Burning Lower Back Pain

There are a variety of varieties of illness and injuries which could be accountable for burning back pain.


The lower rear part of the body is vulnerable to different kinds of harm. The harm could be sustained by two distinct ways. If a person has developed the pain all of a sudden, then it has to have been due to some injury that contributes to a rip in the muscles, a clot at the ligament, or even a rupture in the disks. Fractures at the vertebrae can happen because of a bad fall or automobile accidents and provide pain. Overuse for a very long time period is another element which could damage the muscles along with the ligament.

Degeneration of Bones:

Elderly men and women are largely affected by this issue. With the growth in age, they’re influenced by a health condition called osteoporosis that weakens the bone and also leaves them susceptible to fractures. In this condition, an even minor strain on the spine can make it crack and one has a localized burning pain at the vertebrae. People that are taking cortisone injections for a very long time period may also get influenced by these types of fractures.

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If the burning pain of the lower spine goes up into the thighs below the knee joint, then the problem is called sciatica. This isn’t a disease. Nerve roots become hurt due to herniated discs or muscular spasms from the degenerative disorder such as osteoarthritis.


During pregnancy, the ligaments and tendons lose their stability due to hormonal changes and they have stretched too due to rise in body fat. In addition, the mind of the unborn infant will compress the spinal nerves.

Other Causes:

Anxiety brought on by kidney ailments or gallbladder diseases can travel throughout the nerve and may be experienced as a burning pain in the lower spine. This type of pain is called referred pain. Ankylosing spondylitis, a bacterial disease of the spine, tumors of the spine, and obesity are usually found to have caused this kind of pain.


Appropriate rest supplied to the spine can cause improvement in the signs. Application of a heating pad onto the affected region may have a calming influence on the burning feeling. This should be repeated many times one day. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used with the goal of pain control. But, an individual needs to consult with the doctor before taking any such medications. When the pain subsides, then an individual ought to do a few exercises to improve the flexibility and strength of the muscles of the lower spine area. If the pain is caused because of some underlying health issue, then it needs to be treated with medications to eliminate the pain. In some rare instances, surgery might also require fixing the slipped disc issue.

There are a few steps which need to be required for the avoidance of the searing condition. Incorrect posture frequently triggers this type of problem. Therefore, an individual should be mindful whilst lying on the ground, sitting on a seat, or lifting heavy items, to reduce damage from the lower spine. Overweight individuals should shed some weight so as to increase their posture.

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