What is the best mattress for back pain?

What’s the best mattress for back pain?

What is the best mattress for back pain? In a recent nationwide survey on back pain, most survey participants reported using a firm mattress with a 2 cm plywood bed board between it and the box spring. But many of those who expressed the most enthusiastic about their sleeping arrangements suggest omitting the box spring and putting an extra-firm mattress on a platform bed.

This study was limited to a small number of participants, and it reflected the experience of persons experiencing back pain for only a brief period before the survey was taken.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Persons with chronic back pain might want to explore Memory Foam Mattresses, which do not use a spring-coil network for support. Spring-coil mattresses push back on your body when you try to sleep, and the pressure sometimes irritates the sensitive areas where back pain is located.

Memory foam is very comfortable and conforms to your body’s shape. Your body does not feel anything pressing against the sore muscles or tissue that come into contact with your spinal cord, which causes your back pain. Better yet, if you’re sleeping with your partner, you are not jostled whenever your partner gets in and out of bed nor when he or she tosses and turns. Many times in a spring-coil mattress, when your partner tosses and turns, you awaken and are deprived of the sleep you finally managed to find!

Orthopaedic beds

If your bed is too hard (as may be the case with some ‘orthopedic beds’), try placing a duvet between the under-sheet and the mattress. This gives a softer surface, especially for a more petite sleeper. Remember that what feels firm to someone of 50 kg (8 stone) is very different to what feels firm to someone of 115 kg (18 stone).

Of the 15 US survey participants who turned hopefully to water beds, eight switched back to firm mattresses and bed boards, complaining that the bed couldn’t be made hard enough to suit them. They also said that the water produced a ‘rolling action’ that made it difficult for them to control their movements and positions.

(However, this has become less of a problem with more recent advances in water-bed technology.)


The other seven were happy with their waterbeds so long as the mattresses were kept ‘filled to the top’ and ‘firm’. They said the water enabled the spine to align more comfortably, and that the floating sensation eased the pressure on the spine and muscles. You can also regulate the temperature of water beds, which can be an advantage for treating chronic low back pain.

Some back sufferers give up mattresses altogether and take to the floor when their back pain flares up. But lying on the floor is not recommended for incapacitating pain and muscle spasm, primarily because getting up from the floor may add to your pain. Also, if your low back pain is accompanied by pain and spasming in the hips arid upper legs, even a carpeted floor can put too much pressure on inflamed and sensitive areas, causing more pain and spasm.

The solution for the best back pain mattress is the memory foam mattress technology. But there are other options, which some back-pain sufferers prefer. We will have more on this soon, and, in fact, will soon be introducing a separate site devoted to this subject. In the meantime check out this resource for the best mattress for back pain.

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But a new industry-financed study found that at least some people with chronic back pain sleep better on a waterbed or body-conforming foam mattress. Other research suggests that medium-firm surfaces are often best. …

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What is Best Mattress for Bad Back? Choosing Back Pain Mattresses A very firm mattress is horrible for your back studies to indicate that the best mattress is a memory foam mattress for back problems and the best support.

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What’s the best mattress for back pain?

What looks like a great mattress for you…can be hurtfull for another? You may prefer sleeping best on a firm mattress, Or maybe a soft one, you should really try them all.  But we don’t know, and neither does anyone else…you have to try them. This is why mattress companies have …

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Tens of thousands of people are laid low with chronic back pain every year. For some, the lucky ones, it resolves within a few weeks with a judicious combination of exercises supplemented by painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. But what of the rest? There is a myriad of different specialists involved in providing back pain relief, each with their own opinion as to the likely explanation and the best way of putting it right.

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